Diamond DA20-C1

  • The Knoxville Flyers Diamond DA20 is perfect for both the student pilot or the pilot looking for a low-cost IFR training option. Further, its quick 130 knot true airspeed and low rates make this airplane ideal cross country option as well! Equipped with a Garmin 430W & ADS-B out compliant.
  • Tail Number N953CT is a 1999 Diamond DA20-C1. The aircraft is kept in Row 2 Plane Port #3 at Downtown Island Airport (DKX)
  • Wet Rate: $100/hr (Hobbs)Diamond DA20-C1

Piper Cherokee 140

  • The Knoxville Flyers Piper Cherokee 140 another great training option. 
  • 160 Horsepower for a great cruise speed of 115kts, IFR equipped, with a Garmin 430W, ADS-B out and Autopilot.
  • Tail Number N9236K is a 1976 Piper Cherokee 140. The aircraft is kept in Row 3 Plane Port #4 at Downtown Island Airport (DKX)
  • Wet Rate: $105/hr (Hobbs)

Piper PA28-181 Archer III

  • The Knoxville Flyers Piper PA28-181 has become one of the member’s most favorite. Good speed and great rates make this low wing gem a club favorite!
  • A roomy and comfortable cabin, top-notch avionics, Avidyne IFD 440, Garmin G5, ADS-B In/Out, promise a wonderful flight for both pilots and passengers alike – not to mention student pilots wishing to learn in style!
  • Tail Number N597JG is a 1997 Piper Archer III. The aircraft is kept in Row 2 Plan Port #4 at Downtown Island Airport (DKX)
  • Wet Rate: $110/hr (Hobbs)

Piper Dakota

  • The Knoxville Flyers welcomes our newest member to the fleet a 1986 Piper Dakota
  • Tail Number N9083N is a 1986 Piper Dakota.
  • 235 HP Lycoming Engine with 1100lb Useful load
  • Garmin 530W with SiriusXM Weather & ADS-B out
  • Wet Rate: $135/hr (Hobbs)

Cessna R182 Skylane RG

  • The Knoxville Flyers Cessna R182 Skylane RG offers good payload and great speeds for club members. If substantial legroom, a comfortable cabin, top-notch avionics, and plenty of endurance are items you and your passengers enjoy, this complex option certainly fits the bill with a cruise speed at over 140 knots. 
  • Looking for a great aircraft to build complex time at an affordable rate? You’ve found it! Our Cessna R182 provides a complex option for club members allowing them to affordably build complex time, a huge benefit for those working towards attaining commercial & CFI ratings!
  • Equipped with Aspen PFD, Avidyne IFD450, Autopilot, Storm Scope, ADS-B out
  • Tail Number N20522 is a 1982 Cessna R182 Skylane RG. The aircraft is kept in Row 2 Plane Port #5 at Downtown Island Airport (DKX)
  • Wet Rate: $145/hr (Hobbs)

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