Amended November 2020




The General Operating Policy (GOP) of Knoxville Flyers, Inc. is to serve in combination with the Constitution and Bylaws (Amended Nov 2020) of this organization. Its sole purpose is to act an instrument by which rules set forth within the Constitution and Bylaws may be further detailed or defined. Under no circumstance shall the GOP be allowed to supercede, or conflict in any way, with any part of the Constitution and Bylaws. All sections set forth within the GOP have been accepted and voted upon by the General Membership as defined within the Constitution and Bylaws “Article VIII By-Laws – Section 1: Meeting of the Members”. Any amendments to this GOP in which new sections are created shall also fall subject to the guidelines set forth within the Constitution and Bylaws “Article VIII By- Laws – Section 1: Meeting of the Members”.



     A.    Membership Requirements:

Each member of the Knoxville Flyers, Inc. must agree and abide by guidelines set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws of Knoxville Flyers, Inc. This document may be reviewed at


     B.    Membership Capacity:

The club currently has a membership capacity limit (including family members, but excluding leave of absence and special memberships) of one hundred (100) equivalent full members.

Should club membership reach capacity of one hundred (100) equivalent full members, the membership shall be considered ‘Full” and a waiting list shall become active. Family memberships are available. Membership is subject to availability.


     C.    Categories and Costs:

The three membership categories are as follows:

  1. Full Membership
  2. Family Membership (as described within Section 10:Membership Part D)
  3. Student Membership (as described within Section 10:Membership Part E)


D.    Dues and Fees:

Each member of the Knoxville Flyers, Inc. must agree and abide by the guidelines as set forth in Section 10: Membership of the Constitution and Bylaws. Further, each member must agree to the following:

  1. The current initiation fees apply:
    1. Full Membership is $350.00
    2. Family Membership – ½ of Full Membership fees
    3. Student Membership – $200.00 with a deferred $150.00 (as noted in Section 10:Membership Part E)
  2. The following monthly dues shall apply:
    1. Full Members -$85.00
    2. Family Members – ½ of Full Membership fees
    3. Student Members – ½ of Full Membership fees for a time (as noted in Section 10:Membership Part E)


E.    Payment Terms:

All members are required to participate in either an ACH or CC Auto Payment Plan unless special accommodations are approved. There is no charge to KFI members who utilize the ACH payment option. All fixed costs for both payment options are absorbed by the club. Those who choose the CC payment option will have to cover an additional process fee of 3.6% on the statement balance. All members are required to remit payment in full within thirty days (30) from the previous month end or twenty-eight (28) days in FEB. Flying privileges of any members failing to remit payment within this timeframe shall be subject to suspension at the discretion of the Treasurer. Interest shall accrue at the rate of 18% per annum on any account balance not paid in full within thirty days of the due date. Flying privileges will be reinstated when payment has been made in full. Member is responsible for depositing payment directly with Foothills Bank either personally or by mail. Check should simply reference on back of check “For Deposit in Knoxville Flyers Acct# xxxx7710”. Scan front of check and email to [email protected]



A large part of your club dues pays for Insurance coverage, which covers both our aircraft and a member’s liability for negligence. As with all flying insurance there are qualification requirements, limitations, and exclusions. Our policy usually has limitations of one million per accident; one hundred thousand per person; and, twenty-five thousand per family member. However, coverage may be voided by various circumstances including the violation of CFRs. A copy of the Club’s current insurance policy and limitations is kept in each aircraft. It is up to each individual member to ensure that each flight is such that our insurance coverage is in effect. KFI’s current policy is with D.R. Cox & Company, Inc., which you can contact at 800-217-5263, if you have any questions with regard to insurance coverage under KFI’s policy. Knoxville Flyers Inc. by-laws require members to be responsible for the club insurance deductible in the event of any damage caused in the use of club aircraft.



2001 Diamond DA20-C1 with Garmin 430W
1997 Piper Archer III, N579JG with IFR certified GPS and autopilot, Garmin G5
1982 Cessna C-R182, N20522 with IFR certified, WAAS GPS, and KING KFC-200 autopilot, Aspen EFD1000Pro
1976 Piper Cherokee 140, N9236K with IFR certified, WAAS GPS, Auto Pilot
1986 Piper Dakota, N9083N, with IFR certified Garmin 530W GPS



Club owned aircraft may be flown only by 1) club members who have been checked out and signed off by an approved club CFI or 2) by club members receiving flight instruction by an approved club CFI except as provided for in Article VIII, Section 14, Paragraph G of the Constitution and By-Laws. Prior to giving flight instruction in club aircraft, flight instructors must have a minimum of 5 hrs flying time in any club airplane they wish to instruct in. They must be familiar with the club Constitution and By- Laws, and Board Policies. The Safety and Training Officer will pass along CFI name and credentials to DR Cox.


Diamond DA20, N953CT – Sign off by club approved instructor Piper Archer III, N597JG – Sign off by club approved instructor Piper Cherokee N9236K – Sign off by club approved instructor
Piper Dakota N9083N – Must have flight review in aircraft with club approved instructor
Cessna R182, N20522 – Pilot must meet the following:

  1. At least 100 hrs. Total Time
  2. A High Performance/Complex Endorsement (AC 61-9b)
  3. Complete a check flight by a club approved instructor (who has completed a check flight with a club member instructor) and receive a sign off
  4. The check flight will consist of:
  • A written test covering the performance/limitations of N20522
  • Pre/Post flight procedures
  • Discussion on personal minimums
  • Flight maneuvers to include:
  • Normal to/ld.
  • Short or soft field to/ld
  • Power off 180 landing
  • No flap landing utilizing forward slip
  • Manual gear extension
  • Slow flight
  • Steep turns
  • Departure stall
  • Approach stall
  • All maneuvers should be performed to PTS defined by the certificate level of the pilot
  • Demonstration of proper engine management, leaning, use of engine monitor, climb procedure, transition to cruise and decent
  • Demonstration of proficient and accurate operation of all NAV & COM equipment in the aircraft required for VFR flight with no support from the
  • Instrument rated pilots who wish to fly under IFR must complete to Instrument Proficiency test standards one precision and one nonprecision approach


  1. Touch n go’s are prohibited in the R182 unless with a club instructor.


NOTE: Checkout in N20522 can only occur in daytime, VFR conditions.


  1. Landing currency shall be maintained by making a minimum of 3 landings every 90 days in N20552, N597JG, N953CT, N9083N or N9236K.
  2. Three landings in 597JG, will satisfy the training requirement for N9236K and vice versa once you have been signed off by a club approved instructor in both
  3. You must maintain currency in each club airplane you wish to
  4. In the event a member is out of landing currency, he or she must fly with a club listed instructor to regain club currency.



  1. The CLUB MEMBER is solely responsible for scheduling and reserving aircraft. Club aircraft may be scheduled (in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws Section I) on the internet atcom. Current BFR and Medical Certificate are necessary for reserving an aircraft, and failure to provide such information to the Treasurer will prevent the pilot from scheduling aircraft. A reservation consists of the time and date when the CLUB MEMBER expects to take possession of the aircraft and the time when the CLUB MEMBER expects to return the aircraft to DKX and relinquish possession of the aircraft.
  2. The maximum number of reservations a CLUB MEMBER may have scheduled at any one time is THREE.
  3. A reservation must meet all requirements above.
  4. Reservations expire 30 minutes after the scheduled time if the reserving member does not take possession of the aircraft. The aircraft is then available for possession to another CLUB MEMBER. As a courtesy, call the pilot having the reservation before taking the airplane.



A safety board shall be designated by the Board of Directors for each aircraft accident involving either a member of the organization, or any equipment belonging to this organization, providing such accident resulted in damage to equipment exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00), actual or estimated.




The club shall be guaranteed flight pay for each twenty-four (24) hour period the aircraft is away from home base the organization shall be guaranteed one and a half (1 1/2) hours flight pay for each twenty-four (24) hour period the aircraft is away from home base, Monday through Friday. The organization shall be guaranteed two (2) hours flight pay for each twenty-four (24) hour period the aircraft is away from home base Saturday and Sunday. This shall be paid with accrual of flight time, weather exception (grounded because of weather). The aircraft must be returned to the home field as soon as weather permits at the expense of the member who scheduled the aircraft.


Club planes will not be landed at other than designated airports as listed in the current airman’s guide or shown on the current sectional charts and the runway is at least 2,000 feet paved. No grass fields or runways.


Members purchasing fuel at airports other than KDKX may submit a fuel receipt as stated in the Constitution and Bylaws, Section 14 : Flight Rules (Part O), and shall receive a maximum fuel reimbursement of four dollars and fifty cents ($4.50) per gallon for 100LL. Tie down fees or any other personal expenses are the responsibility of the members and shall not be reimbursed by Knoxville Flyers, Inc.



  1. The CLUB MEMBER is responsible to check the maintenance log kept online during the preflight procedure to verify that oil changes, annual inspections, ELT battery, are current and will not expire during the CLUB MEMBER’s possession of the aircraft. Flying a club aircraft past the oil change time will result in a penalty charge of 1/2 hour for every hour that the plane is flown past the oil change, unless prior permission from the MAINTENANCE OFFICER or CLUB PRESIDENT has been obtained. This charge is in addition to the normal flying hourly charges.
  2. FILL AIRPLANE WITH FUEL FROM FBO TO AVOID PURCHASE OF HIGHER COST FUEL ELSEWHERE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Members are encouraged to utilize the full service fueling at DKX. This provides us with the lowest fuel price and ensures lowest operational costs to KFI.
  3. Fuel receipts must be emailed to the treasurer within 60 days following purchase in order to be reimbursed and should have member’s name, tail number of aircraft, number of gallons purchased and cost per gallon identified.
  4. In the event repairs are necessary to render the aircraft airworthy while away from home base (for other than an accident as provided for in Article VIII, Section 14, Paragraph C of the constitution and by-laws) the CLUB MEMBER may authorize up to $100 in repair cost (cumulative total) without the prior approval of the CLUB PRESIDENT or the CLUB OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE OFFICER. Repair receipt along with invoice from repair station must be emailed to the treasurer within 30 days following repair in order to be reimbursed. Invoice should have member’s name, tail number of aircraft, date of repair, description of repair and how invoice was paid (Credit Card #, Check #).
  5. We are all aware of the importance of the preflight procedure for each airplane. We should also be aware of the importance of the post flight check list for the safety and security of the aircraft. Aircraft Checklists should be followed as depicted in the manufacturers POH and those issued by the KFI Safety & Training Officer.
  6. The Board has a no-smoking policy inside the aircraft or near them.
  7. Members are required to submit any changes to their medical, license, endorsements, ratings or when a BFR has been completed to the Vice President via E-mail. Form must be completed with 48 hours of any changes in member data as noted above. All flying must be done in strict observance of existing Federal Aviation Agency Regulations. This means at a minimum for safe flight, that the pilot must have a current and valid BFR, Medical Certificate and pilot’s Certificate. It is each member’s responsibility to know the limitations and exclusions of Club’s Aircraft insurance policy and to comply with same for every flight.
  8. Every pilot must notify the President and Treasurer of any aircraft accident or incident or unreported claim within 24 hours of occurance.
  9. Every pilot must notify the President and Vice President of the suspension, surrender or revocation of his pilot or drivers license immediately; or if the pilot has been arrested or charged with operation an aircraft or motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  10. All members are required to complete all KFI Club operational documents electronically and within the required specified time frmaes.
  11. Members are required to submit request for Leave of Absence (LOA), Renew LOA or Resignation via E-mail to Vice President.
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