Learning to fly can be one of the most exhilarating and fun things anyone can do, and for many reasons. Here are a few:

1.    The challenge of mastering a skill that most people will never try

2.      The freedom to go to new places and see new things

3.     In order to search for the best little airport with the best hamburger

4.    Simply to see your home and your surroundings from a bird’s eye view

Whatever the reason, learning to fly can be a lifelong adventure, and a flying club only adds to the experience. Joining  club like the Knoxville Flyers can be one of the most economical ways to learn and to build flying hours. The usage rates on club airplanes are, usually, considerably cheaper than most flight schools. The club’s location at Island Home Airport offers excellent facilities, and a long, paved, quality runway. Each a plus to both student and high time pilots. The Knoxville Flyers flying club offers access to several highly qualified flight instructors. Each may instruct in the club planes as qualified. The club also works closely with the instructors employed by the Knoxville Flight Training Center, also located at the Island Home Airport. Club members wishing to have their training come from a more formal flight school, such as KFTC, may do so using club planes provided the instructor has been approved. Joining a club like the Knoxville Flyers also offers it’s new pilot members less tangible benefits through exposure to more seasoned members, each having years of experience; experiences they love to share with up and coming pilots. Talking about flying is a known love among most all pilots. Through various club social events, such as our quarterly “Hanger Talk” sessions and plane washes, each member has many opportunities to meet other members and to learn more about flying. At the very least, becoming a pilot promotes a sense of accomplishment most feel is unequaled. Certainly, all agree, it represents a life long accomplishment!


From Hangar Talk speakers discussing subjects such as “Mountain Flying” and “New Technologies for the Pilot” to time spent washing airplanes while eating doughnuts, the club offers many facets, none more that a chance to be part of something special!



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