We are accepting new members! Please submit an application to be considered for membership.


Monthly Dues*: $95 for Full Members (Family and Student Memberships pay $44.50/month

*NOTE: All members are required to secure payment for flight time and monthly dues via a secure Payment Authorization Form

The steps for club membership are as follows:

1. Submit a membership application

2. Meet the Board of Directors – This typically takes place during our monthly board meetings or club events (see our Upcoming Events for dates); however, for those wishing to join right away, please complete our Contact Us form and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

3. Provide a check for the initiation fee ($350) plus the first month’s Dues ( $95 before the 15th of the month OR $44.50 after the 15th of the month ) – this fee should be presented when meeting with the board (Step 2)

Once the above three steps are completed, the Board will vote on the applicant. Upon a majority vote, the applicant will be accepted as a regular member and will authorize to fly all club aircraft with appropriate checkout flights.

In an effort to accommodate our full-time high school and college student members, a deferred membership is available in which $150.00 of the initiation fee is deferred temporarily resulting in an initial fee requirement of $200.00 plus the first month’s Dues ( $95 before the 15th of the month OR $42.50 after the 15th of the month ) . In order to qualify the following criterion must be met:

1. The applicant must be a current full-time high school or college student

2. The applicant must possess less than 100 hours of total flight time

Deferred members are only authorized to fly the Diamond DA20, Piper Archer III, Cessna 172 and the Grumman Cheetah. The balance of the normal initiation fee ($150.00) becomes due when any of the following conditions are met:

1. Upon the deferred member’s first anniversary of joining Knoxville Flyers, Inc.

2. The deferred member surpasses 100 hours of total flight time

3. The deferred member achieves their Private Pilot rating

Upon payment of the balance of the initiation fee, the deferred membership is upgraded to a regular level membership



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