Name Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone Preferred Phone Ratings
Al Akerman* (865) 406-6589 Cell Phone CFI, CFII, MEI
Gary Sumner* (865) 560-6599 Cell Phone CFI, CFII
Kevin Brehmer* (330) 289-8535 Cell Phone CFI
Chuck O’Donnell (865) 384-7409 Cell Phone CFI, CFII
Matt Terrier (865) 983-4714 (865) 384-5834 Cell Phone CFI, CFII
Bob Davis (865) 577-6405 (865) 384-2655 Cell Phone CFI, CFII, FAA DPE
John Gaylon (865) 684-8757 (865) 584-0449 x301 Work Phone CFI
Sean Krucheki (865) 573-8359 Work Phone CFI
Diallo Lbrahima (865) 919-3916 Work Phone CFI
* Denotes approved CFI’s that are also current members of the Knoxville Flyers, Inc.


Knoxville Flyers, Inc. is a non-profit social organization chartered to allow members and their families to enjoy fun, fellowship, flying and learning to fly as a club member.

Knoxville Flyers has been East Tennessee’s premier flying club for over three decades. The Knoxville Flyers was founded in 1968, and owns a fleet of IFR-equipped aircraft based at Knoxville Downtown Island Airport (DKX). Located on an island in the Tennessee river in downtown Knoxville, DKX offers a beautiful, challenging, full service airport for the club. All of our aircraft are parked, under cover, in the plane ports next to the main terminal.

We are neither a flight school, nor a time building organization, for non-members, but we welcome new members (space permitting, of course) whether student, or experienced, pilots to join us.

For more information about Knoxville Flyers, or for information on how to become a member of the club, please select the Club Information button above.

Aircraft Fleet

A variety of aircraft located at the convenient Downtown Island Airport. 

IFR Equipped

IFR equipped aircraft, allowing flexibility for both VFR and IFR flying.

Approved CFIs

Approved CFIs that are able to teach in our aircraft.

Great Location

All of our fleet is located at the beautiful Downtown Island Airport - KDKX.

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